e-Pharmacy model: Myths and Misconceptions

One of the most progressive technology models, which have evolved over the most couple of years, is tele-medicine that has empowered accessibility to the best doctors at the tap of a button. Another recent innovation that has situated itself as an appealing model in the healthcare space is e-pharmacy store. However, the question is, if this model is digging in for the long haul?

Today, the health space is totally ruled by different intermediaries/ middlemen, many of whom take advantage of the fact that buyers don’t have the data available to them. Therefore, they are forced to pursue blindly. An educated consumer will change the game,” says Prashant Tandon, co-founder and managing director of 1mg.com.

What is e-pharmacy: Myths and Misconceptions

Extensively three models of e-pharmacy/online pharmacy exist in the market today. It is very important to know the difference between these three on the grounds that frequently people misunderstand one with the other.

  • Organized e-pharmacy
    • There are two models which work in this category. One is a commercial place model where a technology company associates neighborhood licensed pharmacies to the end customers. Other is an inventory-based model where e-pharmacy is an online service of an offline authorized pharmacy.
  • Non-organized e-pharmacy
    • In this model, doctor-prescribed medications are ordered with no validated prescription. There is no check on the validity of the order because of the absence of qualified drug specialists. Additionally, inappropriate record keeping and no audit is a noteworthy area of concern.
  • The illegal international exchange through online pharmacy store
    • In this model, medications are dispatched across the international borders with no prescription and approval from the concerned authorities.

These three models have been misunderstood and utilized reciprocally. There is an absence of clear-cut rules around e-pharmacy which would assist the public with differentiating between a genuine organized player and an illicit unorganized player. The European Union has released a mutual logo for legitimately working online pharmacies/retailers in the EU member states as one of the measures to battle against such pharmacies.

Additionally, the e-pharmacy idea has been explicitly notified in a large number of the biggest economies. It is important for India to prepare a few standards for online pharmacy stores. With the right government intervention we can receive the benefits of technology through organized e-pharmacy channels,” say the domain experts.

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How to start online pharmacy business?

Setting up an online pharmacy store is one of the biggest decision where you not only satisfy your entrepreneurial dreams but also get the satisfaction of helping individuals lead a superior, healthier life. Online pharmacy store is likewise called the distance-selling pharmacy.

The Business Model Of Online Pharmacy Store

The premise sounds straightforward. Just like any other eCommerce business, you can sell products online – OTC and professionally prescribed medications – and make a profit.

Online pharmacy store business models are generally classified into two categories, based on how they work and make money.

  • The first kind is the place the online pharmacy store itself stocks a huge number of medications. A customer initially submits a valid prescription for the drugs they wish to buy. The online store confirms the accessibility of the items required and the customer makes the payment. The online pharmacy then sends medicines to the customer.
  • The second kind is different in that they don’t stock the meds themselves. Rather, they partner with nearby brick-and-mortar drug stores. When the customer makes an online request the online pharmacy store checks which partner pharmacy is nearest to the customer’s shipping address or can best ship the order. They gather the payment, instruct partner physically deliver the drugs and offer the revenue according to conditions settled upon.

Features Of An Online Pharmacy

An online pharmacy store, at the end of the day, is a business venture. That implies it must have all the features that are regular to the business.

The following features are the ones that are one of a kind to online pharmacies.

  • Show your must-have certifications clearly
  • Show complete product information
  • Carry a customer credentials area
  • Install trust by safe payment features
  • Consider having an online pharmacy app development
  • Highlight events
  • Respect privacy
  • Offer to stay connected
  • Act responsibly and morally

As you have without a doubt seen this, setting up an online pharmacy store isn’t that difficult, provided you have the right planning and the correct agencies that can help you through the pharmacy website development and design.

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Online Pharmacy App Development

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How to sale Medicine online?

  • Develop your mobile app &websites.
  • Do digital more traffic on website & download apps.
  • Promote offers on social platforms like facebook, instagram.
  • Get reference from existing clients and attract new clients.
  • Send regular notifications, alerts, offers to all your clients.

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