How to create an Application for your Pharmacy Store?

In today’s world of technology, we have applications for almost evsery task that we do. From apps that are used to remind us to drink water, to those that keep track of our finances and our work. There are so many apps and so many options available that there is a lot of confusion among users to decide upon the best app for them to use. The best applications are those that are simple to use and those that get the job done.

The first step in designing an app for an online pharmacy or store is to identify the features and services that the store will provide to the users. A common list of features that most apps will have is searching for medicine, ordering medicines to your house, online payments for medicines, etc. There may be more specialised features on the app such as being reminded about buying medicine and keeping track of dosages of every users. The app may also remind users when they have to take medicine and which medicines they need to take based on their prescriptions.

Once a list of features and services have been created for the Pharma app, the pharmacy then needs to decide how each of these features and services will be implemented and provided to the app users. This requires a knowledge of the current available technology and the best methods that are available for accomplishing these tasks. These things are usually done with the help of an individual who is well versed in technology and it needs to be discussed and debated in detail.

The decision about the implementation is followed by an actual implementation phase where a Pharma App Developer or a Pharma App Company implements the application for the pharmacy/store. This needs to be a collaborative effort in which the pharmacy explicitly mentions it’s requirements and specifications. The pharmacy also needs to make sure that the low level details regarding the implementations is as per their requirements.

Once the implementation is complete, the app needs to be launched and extensively advertised to build a user base. The company can recommend customers from it’s offline store to use the app instead of physically buying medicine from the pharmacy. Once a user base is created, you are all set to reap in the profits of the application.

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10 Amazing facts to know before developing an online pharmacy

Health care is one of the most confusing aspects of getting treated for any medical reason and trying to find the best present for your epharmacy can be just as hard. More and more people are increasingly turning to online pharmacies to help budget their medical prescriptions and save a little extra money. But utilizing them can have potential lawful consequences and could put your health in danger.

While this seems easier, there are a few things to know when developing your online pharmacy website and we are going to review 10 things you need to know before developing an online pharmacy.

    • One of the biggest drawbacks about using an online pharmacy vs a standard pharmacy is that many of them are not legally regulated by the FDA. That means they are not being checked up on by federal regulators so they may or may not be complying by the strict standard set in place by the FDA to ensure that your drugs are safe. While there are many different legitimate online pharmacies available to choose from online, there are a large number of illegitimate ones as well.
    • According to the transparency market research, Global ePharmacy market is increasing day by day and forecast to improve by adopting more online pharmacy features.
    • While on the topic of legality, we will want to look at what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to selling drugs online. All drugs that are offered through a US-based online pharmacy that is certified by the NABP are deemed legal. The NABP, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, is an organization that the FDA recognizes as the leading authority in pharmacy.
    • Often, online pharmacies — particularly those based outside the U.S. — guarantee drugs without a prescription. That is a warning flag. The drugs sold online without medication are not constantly genuine, sometimes have no dynamic ingredients and may even contain harmful ingredients, Baney says.
    • As per the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, 96% of every single online pharmacy don’t consent with state and government laws or patient safety standards. Medications purchased online could be inauthentic, it says.
    • To keep you on the right side of the law, we will want to look at a few things that will give you a clear picture of selling drugs on an online pharmacy. It is illegal to sell controlled substances without a licensed doctor prescription.
    • There have been many reports put out by different research firms to see how legitimate online pharmacies actually are. A report put out by the NABP in 2013 shows that over 96% of online pharmacies that were selling to the citizens of the US did not comply with US laws and regulations. This is a very alarming number to see as only 90 of the over 10,000 pharmacies that they investigated had actually been found to be legitimate. However, a 2012 study by the NBER showed that all US pharmacies had required a prescription verification.
    • An epharmacy is very similar to a physical pharmacy except it can offer prescriptions at a lower price due to being able to serve many different people from all over the country from just one location. Drugs are ordered online from the online pharmacies and shipped to you via common shipping companies.
    • The US and Canadian pharmacy practices are very similar as they both follow each other pharmacy rules. Canadian pharmacies follow US rules when selling to US customers and vice versa. They will ensure that no controlled substances are sold to US patients and will verify prescriptions with US doctors to verify that the prescription is legitimate. They will also not require a separate Canadian prescription.
    • 40% of the drugs available online from Mexico, according to the FDA estimates, were counterfeit, making them a useless sell. India’s laws on drugs are very incomplete making them hard to regulate and there are no laws on e-commerce in India making you very vulnerable to having patient information stolen.
    • To make sure that you are going to sell the correct drugs that are safe and regulated, it is best to develop an online pharmacy that is NABP or CIPA certified.
    • The FDA, Federal Drug Administration, is an organization that regulates consumable products that are sold to the public. They play a big role in medical drugs and pharmacies to ensure that drugs are safe for consumption. The FDA works very diligently to seize illegal drugs and crack down on illegitimate sites that offer them.
    • To develop the best online pharmacy, it is best to check the best pharmacy website development companies who follow standards of NABP, CIPA, and LegitScript sites. This is going to be an easy way to navigate your way around the legitimate site.

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