Pharma and Healthcare is the highest paying sector in India: Report

With an average annual CTC of approximately INR 9.6 lakhs across all levels and functions, professionals from the pharma and healthcare industry are paid the highest in India, as per Randstad Insights Salary Trends Report 2018. Here are a few more insights from the report.

With an average annual CTC of approximately INR 9.6 lakhs across all levels and functions, professionals from the pharma and healthcare industry are paid the highest in India, as per Randstad Insights Salary Trends Report 2018. Here are a few more insights from the report. read more

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GPs offers free use of video consultation app to online pharmacy

Online pharmacy website and software development are booming and expected to improve healthcare market at its best. So, with this, online pharmacy solution development companies are coming up with the new technologies to better develop an online pharmacy solution that can improve patient experience and provide valuable services in the healthcare sector.

Recently, NHS GP practices have been offered free use of video consultation technology by a firm that produces a prescription app.

Now Healthcare Group will offer its technology to GP practices as part of a free trial to help over-stretched NHS services. The partnership will launch with five unnamed NHS practices over the next two months, allowing practices to use Now Healthcare Group’s video consultation app – Now GP. Patients will likewise have the option to the organization’s repeat medicine delivery application, Now Pharmacy.

Launched earlier this year, Now Pharmacy is a £1.5 million ‘super-hub’ digital pharmacy which aims to dispense and deliver up to 500,000 repeat medication every month. Now Pharmacy hopes to benefit those who suffer from long-term health conditions and require numerous medications, as well as those who struggle to travel to their pharmacy.

The service will be delivered through the Now Patient app, which sends prescriptions to a large drug dispensing facility called Now Pharmacy. Both are owned by the Now Healthcare Group.

The recent results from John Lewis have provided a stark reminder that people are accessing services in different ways, but this would appear to be an interesting bridge between technology and the traditional.”

So, if you’re now planning to start an online pharmacy website or epharmacy application, EMedStore is your perfect technology partner here.

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Eight exciting stages of online Pharmacy app development

Today consumers are very choosy and used to getting everything they want here, now, and, ideally, online! The new level of the mobile business has inured them to constant comfort. So if you want to succeed you should provide them with the availability they’re expecting. And again, this brings us back to the question of the necessity of having a mobile app.

So, if you want to…

  • become a market leader,
  • attract new customers,
  • increase your earnings,

…then, obviously, you certainly need to order the pharmacy app development

So, how can you develop an advanced pharmacy app? Let’s find out some of the best and exciting stages of developing an online pharmacy app:

  1. Task assignment: Understanding of what outcome you want to receive as a final product.
  2. Market analysis: At the 2nd stage, market research and analysis of supply and demand are being conducted. You need to identify your main competitors and find out what the consumer expects.
  3. Requirements and functionality: Now it’s an ideal time to make a list of the features your pharmacy medicine appYou may utilize the list we’ve offered or picked your very own functionality based on the information of the market survey you’ve conducted.
  4. Prototyping: When future product features are defined, we create an interactive app prototype that shows how users see the mobile application and interact with it.
  5. Pharmacy app design: The mobile application ought to be visually planned with the stylistics of the communications of your chain pharmacy system. Additionally, the professional designer takes into account the standard prescribed in guides for  Android (Google Material Design) and iOS (iOS HIG). It enables users to explore the pharmacy app for iOS and Android without any difficulties.
  6. Coding: This is the most responsible stage. You should bring in experienced IOS / Android developers who will write clean code using the latest IT technologies.
  7. Testing: The aim of the next stage is to ensure the error-free operation of the pharmacy application. Only a qualified team QA can perform all necessary testing processes.
  8. The product launch and support: It’s not difficult to develop a pharmacy app for patients. You have to launch your online pharmacy appropriately and support its effective life afterward. In 2016, the percentage of the active mobile audience, even in backward European countries, has exceeded 50%

You can see that the pharmacy app development requires a highly qualified approach. You are unlikely to cope with the difficulties you may face on your own. The best way is to hire an experienced team that knows all the details of such an uneasy process.

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Online Pharmacy App Development

EMedStore is one of the creative and clean online pharma app development company to present your awesome mobile app. it’s now available in app stores and also in play stores.

Online Pharmacy App Development Company

We’re specialists in online pharmacy app development and have successfully developed more than 210 apps for lading pharmacies for most innovative starts ups.

We, at EMedStore, believe in innovations and therefore we do not like to stop where we are at the current moment. We have been the champions of online pharmacy app development but we don’t stop there. We keep on making new products for pharmaceutical industry to improve the quality of life for our clients as well as the entire population in general. We know that internet technologies have contributed immensely in making the lives of people easy.

Moreover, with Pharmacy ecommerce website development at such a fast rate, people are opting to go online for all their needs. The reason is the ease and comfort that they get by doing their shopping online. Little by little, all the products are available in the online market. And now, with pharmacies going online, it becomes all the more imperative to bring about innovation in everything that we do for app development for pharmacy.

We are proud to say that we have launched some new Online Pharma portal / software recently to bring in more and more people in the online pharmacy platform so that they can sell medicine on mobile application or online sell medicine on the pharmacy website.

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6 Reasons why a mobile app for healthcare is necessary today

A dull and monotonous long customer waiting for queues to get their medicines, and finding out the medicines in the drawer; this is the image one would imagine possibly 10 years ago while visiting a pharmacy store.

However, in recent times, the situation has definitely changed and most of this credit goes to the mobile development industry for presenting the booming healthcare apps. We can put it like the healthcare apps have been the indispensable forerunner for transcending and switching the condition of medical and healthcare industry.

The report by Research 2 Guidance demonstrates that there are 3,25,000 healthcare apps available worldwide and Android is driving the way forward in mHealth platform. However, another survey from Accenture Consultants points out that the download in the number of healthcare app has multiplied in recent years.

  1. HealthCare Apps are Blessing in Far Remote Areas
  2. Blessing in Disguise for the Pharmacy owners
  3. The Internet of Things Collaborating with Healthcare Apps
  4. Boon for Pharmacists
  5. Easy Payment of Bills
  6. Seamless data flow

EMedstore a leading healthcare IT Solution provider is offering an award-winning online healthcare solution which will help doctors, pharmacists to grow their customer base with more 30% extra and allow them to reach their customers with new and seamless solutions.

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Features and Cost to Develop Medicine Delivery Application like 1mg, Netmeds and pharmeasy

EMedstoreis the right choice for you. We provide award-winning digital solutions to accelerate your epharmacy business. EMedStore achieves another milestone by delivering 300+ Successful Mobile App Solutions for the Pharma Industry In 28 countries.

The software industry is not only booming in a single direction, rather it is set to cover the multi-directional industry verticals. The health industry has also benefitted from the software development industry and there are some mobile applications, which are thriving well.

The pharmaceutical industry has stepped in the mobile app technology with the medicine distribution system becoming online.

The concept of online retail medicine has taken the pace and has crossed $28 billion.

The pharmaceutical industry does not seem to take a relaxing note and will continue to rise more in foreseen times. There are several online pharmacy product selling apps working online, which have significantly influenced the way the market used to run.

The major names are 1 mg,, etc. while many have followed the same path.

There are several types of applications which run in Pharmaceutical industry which are Pharmaceutical CRM software, Online medicine delivery mobile application, e-commerce portals, Supply chain management software, POS and MR reporting software, Sales management software, Inventory management system.

Basic Features of Online Medicine App Development

  1. User panel: The app essentially does have the personalized user panel. The panel offers easy access to every required section of the app and lets him do the tasks. A user panel has:
    • User registration: This section is kept easy where the user can log in or register with the help of social media accounts or registered password.
    • Medicine search: Users can search for medicine they want to purchase in a too convenient way. As he reaches to search panel, he is a few clicks away from ordering online medicine. Alternatively, the Upload Prescription section is also set up to allow the user to upload the prescription and order medicine in a convenient way. Add to cart button always stay with the product name, through which you can add the selected medicine to your cart and purchase whenever required.
  2. Expert counseling: It is the special feature available in the app, which helps the user to choose the right combination of medicine. The user can discuss the health problems with a doctor and get the right set of advice.
  3. Trending fitness meals: The nutrition is the half medicine and as you start taking the right food, medicine starts to cut off. Here, in this section, you can view the most trending nutrition meal, which you can also order.
    • My order section: In this section, you can view the status of the products that you have ordered. Here, you will find, Track order, return policy, Loyalty points.
    • Track order: Once you have ordered the prescription, you can check the status of the products in a convenient way. You can know, whether your product is out of delivery or still pending for action.
    • Return policy: If the pharmacy product is not appropriate or low in quality, you have always right to return the order and get your money return within the given time.
    • Loyalty Points: Alongside, loyalty points are also offered, where the user gets the benefits in points for using the app for a long time or referring it. Every android development company integrates the app with third-party tools such as debit card or credit card.

Advanced Features of an app

Affiliate marketing: Such apps are also becoming a strong basis for affiliate marketing. With this feature, the user can find the nearest diagnosis labs and book an appointment for regular health checkups or other specific prescribed check-ups.

  1. Refined search: The refined search refers to the facility of searching in specific categories such as cold, cough, body ache, migraine, fever, diabetes, thyroid, etc. This makes the advanced search criteria for the user.
  2. Upload prescriptions: This is one of the major attributes of online medicine selling the mobile app. here the user can upload the prescription and check up reports along with the address and contact number. The user can also have a conversation with the doctor after the appointment.
  3. Associate medical store: With this feature, the user can collect the medicine from a nearby medical store. This way, the vendor also gets benefit from associating their store with the online medicine mobile app

Cost of Medicine App Development

The cost of online medicine app development is not an easy task, as it entirely depends on the client requirement and specification list, a number of development hours, and development platform and geo-location of mobile app development company or android development company. If you get your app developed from, USA based company then it costs up to $250 per hour.

Whereas in Europe the cost is a little lesser than the USA, costing as low as $25 to as high as $150 per hour. South Asia is cheaper in terms of app development cost.

The cost of basic app development for a single platform is starting from $500 whereas the platform (android app + iOS app + website + pharmacist dashboard) price goes up to $25000, which works on all devices.


With the huge level of credibility being shared by the two whales of the industry, many companies have stepped forth for taking new initiative with online medicine mobile app development company. The power of cloud computing, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and CRM has fueled innovation.

The collaboration of pharmaceutical industry with the mobile app has upraised the market. If you are a medicine distributor, pharmacy company or any IT startup with interest in the health industry, and wants to start your own online medicine delivery app like 1mg,netmeds and pharmeasy then EMedStore is the right choice for you.

We provide award-winning digital solutions to accelerate your epharmacy business.

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EMedStore has successfully delivered 300+ Mobile Apps for Pharma Industry in 28 countries

EMedStore is an Awards Winning Pharma IT Company in the field of Website and App Development for Pharmacies. If you are looking to expand your Pharmacy Business, EMedStore is the Online Pharmacy Application Development Company and a right place for you.- Advertisement — This article is from a free member share your news –

EMedStore achieves another milestone by delivering 300+ Successful Mobile App Solutions for the Pharma Industry In 28 countries.

26th Sept 2019. EMedStore the award-winning IT Pharma company, sets a new benchmark by delivering 300+ Pharma mobile app solutions. The company which is served by a huge team of mobile app developers has been leading as one of the most preferred service provider for making custom mobile apps for the Pharma industry.

With this, EMedStore is known for its globally-spread client base across the Pharma industry.- Advertisement — This article is from a free member share your news –

Since its foundation, EMedStore has kept its focus disciplined to the Pharma industry and boasts an unparalleled expertise in the field. The company has witnessed a remarkable YoY growth owing to its league of expert developers and strategists and this particular achievement will surely add to the popularity of EMedStore as a great solution provider.

As comes this great news, the CEO of the prestigious organization, Mr. Ahemad Abbas said, “To start with, I am personally very happy and glad that we added this milestone to our list of achievements.

It feels like it was yesterday when we laid the foundation of this great organizations and now, we have a list of some great achievements in our arsenal. And all this is made possible because of our team of expert developers & pharmacists who have years of experience in healthcare industry.

Their commitment to their work and their passion to deliver the best, has made us what we are today. And it is not just about completing 300+ projects in such a short span of time, but actually helping our clients and business partners to bring their pharma business from offline to online.”

He continues, “As an employer it feels proud to be backed up by such a dedicated team of resources that can help you achieve milestones like this by using advanced technology & AI to make product robust. I am sure, this will bring a vibe of motivation across the entire organization and add to our glory as a company.

However, in the back of my mind, I know that this is just one milestone and there are a lot more to achieve. We have been regularly adding new set of technology services to our array and have been constantly trying to make pharma app development all the more defined and productive.

Our vision to lead as the best IT service provider for the Pharma industry is alive and this news will add more spark to our commitment. And this is just not me but the vibe across the entire EMedStore family.”

The words reflect the joy of this achievement on the face of every member at EMedStore and the spirits look high for more achievements like this in the near future. However, it is not the first time that EMedStore has been in talks for its achievement, the company has a long array of rewards and recognition that it has earned over the years. 

The members at EMedStore look motivated and happy. So, let us wait and see what more achievements they add to their bucket in the years to come.

About The Company

EMedStore is a World’s leading IT service provider for the Pharma and Healthcare industry delivering fully-functional web and mobile app solutions in the field. EMedStore serves a global client base and offers an extensive array of services that include – online pharmacy website development, laboratory app development, pharma distributor app development, pharmacy marketplace development, pharmacy company mobile app solutions, homeopathy and herbal mobile app development, etc.

The company is backed by a huge team of healthcare IT consultants & developers who commit to walk the extra mile to deliver the best pharma IT solutions across the globe.

Below are some USPS of EMedStore –

  • Round-the-clock service
  • Assistance with online Pharmacy App and Website development
  • Assistance with Pharmacy Software and ERP development
  • Marketing-related assistance
  • Full back-end support
  • Medical App designed and customized as per your requirement
  • Long-term relationship building with customers

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EMedStore - Global Pharma IT Company

Category: HealthCompany about: EMedStore is an Awards Winning Pharma IT Company in the field of Website and App Development for Pharmacies. If you are looking to expand your Pharmacy Business, EMedStore is the Online Pharmacy Application Development Company and a right place for you.

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4 benefits of a mobile app for the Healthcare Industry

The power of accessing anything anywhere at any time is what mobile technology offers to shape our future and health goals. Whether it is about to keep reminding our medications or finding a nearby pharmacy store, the online pharmacy business apps have now become a norm to provide better care and health facilities right at the fingertips of the users.

This seems impressive as the market size grew to four-time its size between 2012 and 2017.  The epaharmacy platform and segment, which is an inevitable part of the world economy, is poised for an unprecedented growth owing to the proliferation of the smart devices and the gigantic growth of the Internet users across the globe.

Here are the top benefits of using mobile apps for the healthcare industry

  • Reduced Risks of Diagnostic Errors:
    • An error in the medical diagnosis of a person can cause severe damage to a patient’s health condition. Chemist mobile applications possessed with intelligent data capacities can decrease the error rate and give drug predictions. The feature is not limited to accurate diagnosis, the healthcare mobile app development companies integrate additional features that also help physicians to use mobile applications with cloud facilities to store patient records. Thus, errors coming from poor deduction from patient history or mixed/missing records can be minimized to a great extent.
  • Streamlining the Clinical Processes:
    • As a forecast says, the IoT medicinal market is going to reach $136.8 billion by 2021, it is very clear that medical practitioners/ chemist are vigorously investing in the innovative pharmacy applications ideas to bring a sea change in the business. There is no doubt that IoT technology has streamlined the task of chemist professionals by empowering to gain access to all the information and data on their smart devices which are associated with the customer’s medication.
  • Enable Immediate Access to Care:
    • In today’s time, getting access to said care on demand is what exactly a patient demands to overcome the health issues in some non-emergency medical situations remotely. This can save a lot of costs as patients can find and order medications from the chemist in just a few taps and get access to information in a jiffy. A lot of medicine delivery mobile apps are available in the market that facilitates users to order medications online and get delivery at the doorstep in around the clock.
  • Cater to Patient Customization:
    • Every patient entails a unique list of past health records and that is why he requires specific attention and obviously a different drug. To customize treatment for each patient would be tiresome, especially in the cases when there is a horde of customers to deal with. With customized online medicine delivery mobile apps, a chemist can quickly get the order and increase the customer base and accept or decline orders as per his stock.

Wrapping Up:

Not to mention that the pharmacy website development is going under massive transformation by leveraging the power of mobile technology and the latest pharmacy mobile apps trends. Creating a pharmacy mobile app, as per your requirements and specifications, is the right move to outsmart the competition which is skyrocketing pertaining to the myriad downloads of health-specific apps per day. Emedstore can help you in turning your idea into a much-needed mobile application.

We develop a futureproof best pharmacy app so that intricate tasks can be executed with ease and decision making will get enhanced. All will get benefited; the pharmacy owner and the customers.

So, have you planned something to shape the future of epharmacy! At Emedstore, we would love to hear your app ideas in the comment section below and take the opportunity to develop it for your users.


We haved developed online pharmacy marketplace similar to 1mg, netmeds, yscart, medidart, CVS, mchemist, medsonway, pillofy, pharmeasy, zigy, medplus, mera pharmacy, buy drug pharmacy, pharmeasy, medlife, al nahdi, pillpack, rite aid, mydawa, practo, pluss app, etc.

EMedStore also takes pride in offering you the online Pharmacy App replica development as per your wishes and desire. If you have been using Apps like 1mg, Netmed, pharmeasy or another world level online medicine delivery Apps and felt that you want to adapt your business to their model, we can help you with that too. We can help you build a replica of these online pharmacy website or healthcare app development so that you can give a jump start to your business.

Online medicine delivery app are the way to go given the increase in the number of users who enter the online market every day. The marketing gurus have already projected faster growth in the number of people who would prefer to buy things online rather than going to the physical shop. Therefore, you have every reason to join your forces and be prepared for the future. Moreover, there are big companies who are already in the market and have tested their online pharmacy website and App so it would be a good idea for you to take inspiration from them. Further, EMedStore ensures that you do not have to pay exorbitant charges to get these online pharmacy App replica development or healthcare app development. We make Replica Apps & Websites within your timeline and your budget.

So, do not get intimidated by the idea of plunging into a new dimension in your business journey. Trust on us because we have been in the market for a long time now and have dealt with a plethora of similar cases. When you contact us, we also explain to you these existing Apps and the benefits of having your pharmacy online business. Once that is done, you can decide on the App that suits perfectly to your business needs. The moment you narrow down on one App, we will be happy to offer you our services to make an online pharmacy replica app development in no time. When you work with us, you will never be disappointed!

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