Online Pharmacy Procedure

Online Pharmacy Procedure

  • Need Physical Pharmacy/ Your need to tie-up with any pharmacy
  • EMedStore will develop App/ Website for your Pharmacy
  • EMedStore will guide you to promote your App & Website
  • Customer will place the order from App/ Website
  • You Can Collect payment online in your bank account / COD
  • You can deliver medicine by courier company / delivery boy

Online Pharmacy App Development company:

  • We, at EMedStore, believe in innovations and therefore we do not like to stop where we are at the current moment. We have been the champions of online pharmacy app development but we don’t stop there. We keep on making new products for pharmaceutical industry to improve the quality of life for our clients as well as the entire population in general. We know that internet technologies have contributed immensely in making the lives of people easy. 
  • Moreover, with Pharmacy ecommerce website development at such a fast rate, people are opting to go online for all their needs. The reason is the ease and comfort that they get by doing their shopping online. Little by little, all the products are available in the online market. And now, with pharmacies going online, it becomes all the more imperative to bring about innovation in everything that we do for app development for pharmacy. 
  • We are proud to say that we have launched some new Online Pharma portal/software recently to bring in more and more people in the online pharmacy platform so that they can sell medicine on a mobile application or online sell medicine on the pharmacy website.

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Additional features of the ePharmacy website

Are you planning to set up a new pharmacy store? Or in case you intend to revamp the present one? Well, passing by the fact that technology is blooming and the medical sector is an urgent sector in a community, the developing of this sector is very vital, isn’t it? Hence, investing in pharmacy website development is always a smart idea. In fact, these days these websites have turned into a fundamental part for any of the pharmacies that are keen to remain aggressive and believes in delivering better care to the customers via an automated and effective process.

Pharmacies are able to customize & streamline the work-flow with online pharmacy website that comes packed with myriad features and functionalities to boost efficiency, safety as well as profitability. By implementing this website, you can benefit in a number of ways, as it also makes management extremely easy, by addressing shortages, streamlining work, smoothly running the pharmacy, fetching correct & customized reports whenever required, helps in centralized data storage with security and the most significant one, Customer satisfaction.

  • Data Loading:
    • As soon as your pharmacy goes live, you will certainly need to deal with lots of data that needs to be put into the website with there being a huge number of items that have to be maintained in the pharmacy. It will obviously be a mammoth task to mention the details of each inventory one by one, regardless of the number of resources you put for this purpose and medicine data required.
  • Pill Imaging:
    • This helps in avoiding incorrect medication dispensing. The quality assurance check takes place, pills are shown & compared with bottle contents along these lines guaranteeing that correct drugs are available. This brings a valuable control point which ensures the accuracy and quality of dispensing prescriptions.
  • Inventory Management:
    • This is the most helpful feature included in online pharmacy store as it helps in boosting efficiency & reducing pharmacy inventory expenses via perpetual usage-based purchase decisions.
  • Electronic Prescriptions:
    • Using this feature, your pharmacy store will be getting new & refill prescriptions straightforwardly into the pharmacy website from doctors for surveys, and this will be useful in the quicker completion of the dispensing process.
  • e-Signature Capture:
    • This feature is quite useful as it enables you to electronically track acknowledgment for each prescription. Signature capture interfaces assist pharmacy staff in saving time at POS, while the prescription sale & credit/debit card can also be signed in one transaction.
  • Advanced Reporting:
    • This feature is extremely a crucial one as it allows the pharmacy staff to make reports faster with the help of an extensive easy-to-use library of built-in reports, and furthermore custom reports which depend on specific data that you wish to track & incorporate in the report.

EMedStore is an international award-winning pharma App and website development company. We provide a perfect online pharmacy app for your business to streamline all your sales and help you keep your records up-to-date. Get in touch with our experts today by simply dropping us an email on or call us:+91 720 209 7862 directly.

Pharma and Healthcare is the highest paying sector in India: Report

With an average annual CTC of approximately INR 9.6 lakhs across all levels and functions, professionals from the pharma and healthcare industry are paid the highest in India, as per Randstad Insights Salary Trends Report 2018. Here are a few more insights from the report.

With an average annual CTC of approximately INR 9.6 lakhs across all levels and functions, professionals from the pharma and healthcare industry are paid the highest in India, as per Randstad Insights Salary Trends Report 2018. Here are a few more insights from the report. read more

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How to start online pharmacy business?

Setting up an online pharmacy store is one of the biggest decision where you not only satisfy your entrepreneurial dreams but also get the satisfaction of helping individuals lead a superior, healthier life. Online pharmacy store is likewise called the distance-selling pharmacy.

The Business Model Of Online Pharmacy Store

The premise sounds straightforward. Just like any other eCommerce business, you can sell products online – OTC and professionally prescribed medications – and make a profit.

Online pharmacy store business models are generally classified into two categories, based on how they work and make money.

  • The first kind is the place the online pharmacy store itself stocks a huge number of medications. A customer initially submits a valid prescription for the drugs they wish to buy. The online store confirms the accessibility of the items required and the customer makes the payment. The online pharmacy then sends medicines to the customer.
  • The second kind is different in that they don’t stock the meds themselves. Rather, they partner with nearby brick-and-mortar drug stores. When the customer makes an online request the online pharmacy store checks which partner pharmacy is nearest to the customer’s shipping address or can best ship the order. They gather the payment, instruct partner physically deliver the drugs and offer the revenue according to conditions settled upon.

Features Of An Online Pharmacy

An online pharmacy store, at the end of the day, is a business venture. That implies it must have all the features that are regular to the business.

The following features are the ones that are one of a kind to online pharmacies.

  • Show your must-have certifications clearly
  • Show complete product information
  • Carry a customer credentials area
  • Install trust by safe payment features
  • Consider having an online pharmacy app development
  • Highlight events
  • Respect privacy
  • Offer to stay connected
  • Act responsibly and morally

As you have without a doubt seen this, setting up an online pharmacy store isn’t that difficult, provided you have the right planning and the correct agencies that can help you through the pharmacy website development and design.

We are a leading online pharmacy mobile app and website development company who have successfully developed more than 250+ solutions so far. Drop us a line on Or Call Us: +91 720 209 7862 for your next online pharmacy store development services.

Who can help pharmacists to start online pharmacy at low price?

EMedStore not only helps Pharmacists in starting their Pharmacies online but also help them with the following aspects.

1.T echniques of marketing their E-commerce venture
2.To retain their regular customer to expand business
3.Be able to deliver medicine worldwide
4.Be  more organized with technology
5. Be available 24×7 for their customers

EMedStore is a prominent pharma IT Company, We provide Online Pharmacy Platforms (Android App + iOS App + Website + Web Admin) on the name of your pharmacy shop to start online pharmacy work in your country.

It provides a complete online pharma business solution with all features:-

To receive payment online
– The display offers to all customers/patients
– To send automatic reminder for monthly medicines
– Upload prescriptions via app & many more to get in touch with all customers from anywhere all the time.

We have developed 300+ online pharmacy platforms in 28 countries and “Awards Winning Mobile App Development Company” in 2016, 2017 & 2018.Contact us to develop your online pharmacy with in just 5 days. Support:National Sales: +91 97377 12429 | International Sales: +91 98247 28969 | Mail ID: | Website :

GPs offers free use of video consultation app to online pharmacy

Online pharmacy website and software development are booming and expected to improve healthcare market at its best. So, with this, online pharmacy solution development companies are coming up with the new technologies to better develop an online pharmacy solution that can improve patient experience and provide valuable services in the healthcare sector.

Recently, NHS GP practices have been offered free use of video consultation technology by a firm that produces a prescription app.

Now Healthcare Group will offer its technology to GP practices as part of a free trial to help over-stretched NHS services. The partnership will launch with five unnamed NHS practices over the next two months, allowing practices to use Now Healthcare Group’s video consultation app – Now GP. Patients will likewise have the option to the organization’s repeat medicine delivery application, Now Pharmacy.

Launched earlier this year, Now Pharmacy is a £1.5 million ‘super-hub’ digital pharmacy which aims to dispense and deliver up to 500,000 repeat medication every month. Now Pharmacy hopes to benefit those who suffer from long-term health conditions and require numerous medications, as well as those who struggle to travel to their pharmacy.

The service will be delivered through the Now Patient app, which sends prescriptions to a large drug dispensing facility called Now Pharmacy. Both are owned by the Now Healthcare Group.

The recent results from John Lewis have provided a stark reminder that people are accessing services in different ways, but this would appear to be an interesting bridge between technology and the traditional.”

So, if you’re now planning to start an online pharmacy website or epharmacy application, EMedStore is your perfect technology partner here.

Get in touch with our healthcare specialist developers to know more about starting an online pharmacy business. Simply drop us a line on or call us +91 973 771 2429 directly.

Features and Cost to Develop Medicine Delivery Application like 1mg, Netmeds and pharmeasy

EMedstoreis the right choice for you. We provide award-winning digital solutions to accelerate your epharmacy business. EMedStore achieves another milestone by delivering 300+ Successful Mobile App Solutions for the Pharma Industry In 28 countries.

The software industry is not only booming in a single direction, rather it is set to cover the multi-directional industry verticals. The health industry has also benefitted from the software development industry and there are some mobile applications, which are thriving well.

The pharmaceutical industry has stepped in the mobile app technology with the medicine distribution system becoming online.

The concept of online retail medicine has taken the pace and has crossed $28 billion.

The pharmaceutical industry does not seem to take a relaxing note and will continue to rise more in foreseen times. There are several online pharmacy product selling apps working online, which have significantly influenced the way the market used to run.

The major names are 1 mg,, etc. while many have followed the same path.

There are several types of applications which run in Pharmaceutical industry which are Pharmaceutical CRM software, Online medicine delivery mobile application, e-commerce portals, Supply chain management software, POS and MR reporting software, Sales management software, Inventory management system.

Basic Features of Online Medicine App Development

  1. User panel: The app essentially does have the personalized user panel. The panel offers easy access to every required section of the app and lets him do the tasks. A user panel has:
    • User registration: This section is kept easy where the user can log in or register with the help of social media accounts or registered password.
    • Medicine search: Users can search for medicine they want to purchase in a too convenient way. As he reaches to search panel, he is a few clicks away from ordering online medicine. Alternatively, the Upload Prescription section is also set up to allow the user to upload the prescription and order medicine in a convenient way. Add to cart button always stay with the product name, through which you can add the selected medicine to your cart and purchase whenever required.
  2. Expert counseling: It is the special feature available in the app, which helps the user to choose the right combination of medicine. The user can discuss the health problems with a doctor and get the right set of advice.
  3. Trending fitness meals: The nutrition is the half medicine and as you start taking the right food, medicine starts to cut off. Here, in this section, you can view the most trending nutrition meal, which you can also order.
    • My order section: In this section, you can view the status of the products that you have ordered. Here, you will find, Track order, return policy, Loyalty points.
    • Track order: Once you have ordered the prescription, you can check the status of the products in a convenient way. You can know, whether your product is out of delivery or still pending for action.
    • Return policy: If the pharmacy product is not appropriate or low in quality, you have always right to return the order and get your money return within the given time.
    • Loyalty Points: Alongside, loyalty points are also offered, where the user gets the benefits in points for using the app for a long time or referring it. Every android development company integrates the app with third-party tools such as debit card or credit card.

Advanced Features of an app

Affiliate marketing: Such apps are also becoming a strong basis for affiliate marketing. With this feature, the user can find the nearest diagnosis labs and book an appointment for regular health checkups or other specific prescribed check-ups.

  1. Refined search: The refined search refers to the facility of searching in specific categories such as cold, cough, body ache, migraine, fever, diabetes, thyroid, etc. This makes the advanced search criteria for the user.
  2. Upload prescriptions: This is one of the major attributes of online medicine selling the mobile app. here the user can upload the prescription and check up reports along with the address and contact number. The user can also have a conversation with the doctor after the appointment.
  3. Associate medical store: With this feature, the user can collect the medicine from a nearby medical store. This way, the vendor also gets benefit from associating their store with the online medicine mobile app

Cost of Medicine App Development

The cost of online medicine app development is not an easy task, as it entirely depends on the client requirement and specification list, a number of development hours, and development platform and geo-location of mobile app development company or android development company. If you get your app developed from, USA based company then it costs up to $250 per hour.

Whereas in Europe the cost is a little lesser than the USA, costing as low as $25 to as high as $150 per hour. South Asia is cheaper in terms of app development cost.

The cost of basic app development for a single platform is starting from $500 whereas the platform (android app + iOS app + website + pharmacist dashboard) price goes up to $25000, which works on all devices.


With the huge level of credibility being shared by the two whales of the industry, many companies have stepped forth for taking new initiative with online medicine mobile app development company. The power of cloud computing, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and CRM has fueled innovation.

The collaboration of pharmaceutical industry with the mobile app has upraised the market. If you are a medicine distributor, pharmacy company or any IT startup with interest in the health industry, and wants to start your own online medicine delivery app like 1mg,netmeds and pharmeasy then EMedStore is the right choice for you.

We provide award-winning digital solutions to accelerate your epharmacy business.

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How to sale Medicine online?

  • Develop your mobile app &websites.
  • Do digital more traffic on website & download apps.
  • Promote offers on social platforms like facebook, instagram.
  • Get reference from existing clients and attract new clients.
  • Send regular notifications, alerts, offers to all your clients.

EMedStore is a prominent online Pharma consultancy services company providing cost-effective solution for small to large level of Pharma industry to increase return of investment (ROI).

To Start Your Own Online Pharmacy Contact Us: (National)+91 720 209 7862 | +91 794 800 1671(International)+1 585 479 6404 

10 Amazing facts to know before developing an online pharmacy

Health care is one of the most confusing aspects of getting treated for any medical reason and trying to find the best present for your epharmacy can be just as hard. More and more people are increasingly turning to online pharmacies to help budget their medical prescriptions and save a little extra money. But utilizing them can have potential lawful consequences and could put your health in danger.

While this seems easier, there are a few things to know when developing your online pharmacy website and we are going to review 10 things you need to know before developing an online pharmacy.

    • One of the biggest drawbacks about using an online pharmacy vs a standard pharmacy is that many of them are not legally regulated by the FDA. That means they are not being checked up on by federal regulators so they may or may not be complying by the strict standard set in place by the FDA to ensure that your drugs are safe. While there are many different legitimate online pharmacies available to choose from online, there are a large number of illegitimate ones as well.
    • According to the transparency market research, Global ePharmacy market is increasing day by day and forecast to improve by adopting more online pharmacy features.
    • While on the topic of legality, we will want to look at what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to selling drugs online. All drugs that are offered through a US-based online pharmacy that is certified by the NABP are deemed legal. The NABP, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, is an organization that the FDA recognizes as the leading authority in pharmacy.
    • Often, online pharmacies — particularly those based outside the U.S. — guarantee drugs without a prescription. That is a warning flag. The drugs sold online without medication are not constantly genuine, sometimes have no dynamic ingredients and may even contain harmful ingredients, Baney says.
    • As per the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, 96% of every single online pharmacy don’t consent with state and government laws or patient safety standards. Medications purchased online could be inauthentic, it says.
    • To keep you on the right side of the law, we will want to look at a few things that will give you a clear picture of selling drugs on an online pharmacy. It is illegal to sell controlled substances without a licensed doctor prescription.
    • There have been many reports put out by different research firms to see how legitimate online pharmacies actually are. A report put out by the NABP in 2013 shows that over 96% of online pharmacies that were selling to the citizens of the US did not comply with US laws and regulations. This is a very alarming number to see as only 90 of the over 10,000 pharmacies that they investigated had actually been found to be legitimate. However, a 2012 study by the NBER showed that all US pharmacies had required a prescription verification.
    • An epharmacy is very similar to a physical pharmacy except it can offer prescriptions at a lower price due to being able to serve many different people from all over the country from just one location. Drugs are ordered online from the online pharmacies and shipped to you via common shipping companies.
    • The US and Canadian pharmacy practices are very similar as they both follow each other pharmacy rules. Canadian pharmacies follow US rules when selling to US customers and vice versa. They will ensure that no controlled substances are sold to US patients and will verify prescriptions with US doctors to verify that the prescription is legitimate. They will also not require a separate Canadian prescription.
    • 40% of the drugs available online from Mexico, according to the FDA estimates, were counterfeit, making them a useless sell. India’s laws on drugs are very incomplete making them hard to regulate and there are no laws on e-commerce in India making you very vulnerable to having patient information stolen.
    • To make sure that you are going to sell the correct drugs that are safe and regulated, it is best to develop an online pharmacy that is NABP or CIPA certified.
    • The FDA, Federal Drug Administration, is an organization that regulates consumable products that are sold to the public. They play a big role in medical drugs and pharmacies to ensure that drugs are safe for consumption. The FDA works very diligently to seize illegal drugs and crack down on illegitimate sites that offer them.
    • To develop the best online pharmacy, it is best to check the best pharmacy website development companies who follow standards of NABP, CIPA, and LegitScript sites. This is going to be an easy way to navigate your way around the legitimate site.

If you’re looking to sell medicines online and want to start an online pharmacy website or mobile application, then please reach out to EMedstore.

We are an international award winning pharma application development company providing customized online pharmacy solutions to clients which can grow your pharmacy business with more than 30%.

Get in touch with our experts at or call us: +91 973 771 2429 directly. We’ll reach out to you within 24 hours.